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"It's taken nearly 30 years for this page to be developed. Oddly enough, back when I began my journey, having a web site wasn't really possible. So, it's even more amazing that not only am I able to have a web page, it also gives me a place to have followers view and even share my work. This site, although very simple at first glance is now the home of some of my favorite works. This site, much like my work;  is always evolving. My sincerest thanks for taking a few moments to explore and hopefully enjoy my efforts."

DP / Camera Op / Aerial Cinematographer




SONY FS5 XDCam Super 35

(2) SONY a7 III - FULL Frame DSLR

SONY a6500 - Mirrorless APSC

SONY 16-35mm / 2.8 G-Master Series Zoom lens

SONY 200mm - 600mm G Series Zoom Lens - 4.5-5.6

2 X SONY E-mount Optical Adaptor

SONY 35mm 1.8 G-Series Prime

SONY 85mm 1.4 G-Master Series Prime

SONY 85mm 1.8 G Series Prime

SONY 50mm 1.8 G Series Prime

SONY 28-70mm 3.5-5.6 OSS Zoom Lens

SONY 55-210mm 2.8 Zoom Lens

LensBaby 35mm Composer Pro II

Rokinon Super-Wide Fisheye / Manual Aperature 2.6

(1) ATOMOS Shogun Inferno

 4K Monitor / Recorder 4:2:2

(1) ATOMOS Shogun Flame

4K Monitor Recorder 4:2:2

smallHD FOCUS - 7" Monitor

(5)  Ikan iLED 8” Dual Color light heads A/C & battery power (SONY LV Batteries)

(5) Ikan Quick Set Light Stands

(1) Genaray Contender LED Spot Focusing Light - Bi Color 3200-5600K


(1) Flexifill collapsable dual sided reflector w/silver & gold slide cover


NOTE: these are relatively small light heads and are not meant to do full room lighting, but are fantastic to use for interviews and accent lighting.


Larger light heads can be provided upon request 

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